Protecting Social Security and Expanding Healthcare

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are in serious danger of being cut by our state and national leaders and they must be protected. I fully support a single-payer healthcare-for-all system and will fight to keep our worker-funded contributions safe and solvent.

Affordable Higher Education and Vocational Training

An educated population means more jobs, decreased crime, and increased innovation. Education is society’s first and most important investment in the future. I believe young people deserve our investment in their educational efforts, whether vocational or traditional. We should not burden them with debt or teach them that only a few professions will provide a good living. Previous generations funded our K-12 education and subsidized our college education. In our state and nation, public funds for public education are being reduced, threatening our future. We need to fund the next generations just like others funded us. I support public schools, vocational training, free or low tuition, and student-loan forgiveness.

Financial Security

We want to be able to pay our mortgage and rent without worry. We want to take a vacation to the beach or mountains. We want to be able to have a nice dinner out and buy our children clothes they want rather than just what they need. The global economy is growing, but the stock market is not helping all workers and small businesses as much as it could. I will bring investment to rural Kentucky, and make sure revenue from businesses in Kentucky stays in Kentucky and improves struggling communities.

Freedom, Respect, and Democracy

Politics requires different people with different ideas to respect each other. Those who show disrespect for other people undermine effective government and overall quality life. All of my positions rest on the foundation of freedom and respect for all, with a deep concern for everyone's needs, not just those who agree with me. We can do things better together.

A Democracy is fragile – we must always guard against abuses of power and attempts to limit our individual freedom or the government's checks and balances. If only the rich and powerful are listened to by legislators, then we, the people, are affected negatively. I support changes that benefit everyone, not just a few, so that our constitutional freedom will be protected.

Equality for Everyone

I believe in equality and respect for all. I am committed to protecting the rights and privileges of all humans, and to fighting for those groups and individuals who are still suffering from discrimination. History gives us too many examples of oppression and discrimination of certain groups of people, and I believe we can do better. And I believe most of us want to do better.

Energy and Environmental Stewardship

We need to multiply our energy sources for our financial and national security. We can continue to use existing coal and petroleum while at the same time significantly increasing our investment into the use of solar, wind, and hydropower technology -- all of which are creating jobs in Kentucky. We are building now for 30-60 years in the future. We don’t want to leave our children with no viable sources of energy and a ruined landscape. We all want the world to remain magnificent and productive for future generations.

Labor Unions and Right to Work

"Right to work" misleads workers and communities. Labor unions provide fair, equitable, and safe working conditions that mutually benefit workers and owners. Unions ensure that workers' labor is valued, not exploited, which ensures quality production, lower turnover, company loyalty, and genuine investment into the local economy. I support unions because unions respect workers.

Agriculture and the Farm Bill

The health of our agricultural industry is essential to western and central Kentucky. However, our current government leaders have made things worse for our farmers through tariffs, unnecessary trade conflicts, and short-term policies that will result in price drops and a decrease in exports. Additionally, the nutrition part of the Farm bill is being gutted, which affects a significant portion of Kentuckians who need SNAP to provide food for their families. I will always choose helping the working class and local farmers over enriching the already rich multinational conglomerate agri-business corporations.

Kentucky Jobs and Innovation

We need more investment into home-grown Kentucky businesses and agriculture. Education and economic development help our skilled workers and entrepreneurs to stay in Kentucky. I will create investment opportunities for Kentucky's workers and business owners, rather than giving out-of-state companies tax breaks and incentives to offer only low-wage jobs. Trickle-down economic theory is exactly that: a trickle. Instead of hoping for a trickle of rain to fall, we can make sure people have the necessary tools to build irrigation systems that maintain a steady flow -- in other words, effective programs that invest at the ground level instead of at the top.

Women's Rights

I believe women have the right to make their own healthcare decisions. I also am committed to equal pay and equal rights for women and all groups because we are all human and on that basis alone deserve respect.


I support a clean Dream Act and believe that immigrant families belong together. Seeking asylum is not criminal. I support comprehensive immigration reform that enables a pathway to citizenship for those who seek it and sensible ways of contributing to this country's economy for those who want to stay but for any number of reasons don't want to become a citizen.


Despite the huge amount of taxpayer dollars budgeted to military spending, very little pays for veteran care and veteran services. We can do better; soldiers deserve respect and adequate care from basic training to retirement and beyond.

Faith and Values

Spirituality is a private matter, and I believe that good character traits – honesty, integrity, kindness, empathy – are developed in many ways. If an organization or a set of ideas inspires us to respect and be kind to others, then we all benefit. I support freedom of religious expression, and will never push my beliefs on anyone else. My focus will be on issues that affect people no matter their faith or belief, issues that we need to decide using many perspectives.

Medical Cannabis

Along with the majority of Americans, I support national legalization of medical cannabis. Right now legalization is a state issue, but I oppose the federal limitations and regulations on states where it is already legal or moving in that direction.

School Safety and Individual Liberty

I support the 2nd Amendment, and I want to keep our children safe. I believe it is possible to balance safety with individual liberties if we are willing to respect each other and work together to be better.